As a professional photographer since 1981, Brendan Eisan, owner and creative force behind Blink Photo, has been creating one of a kind pieces of photographic art for discerning clients around the world. Specializing in social and special event photography, Brendan has also worked with numerous advertising clients, various celebrities and business executives to name a few.

In addition, Brendan has been published in numerous newspapers, trade journals and magazine spreads featuring advertising and travel photography and has shown works in both LA and NY.

Brendan also shoots graffiti, or "Street Art", drawn to the way the use of bold colors and the mood of the street artist evoke the social climate and complexities of life. Each piece is summed up by a seemingly simple image on a wall, represented just as quietly or harshly as the life passing by on the street.

Brendan expertly captures sensual images of the human body as well; beautiful and elegant in their execution, they represent his lifelong passion and involvement in health and fitness. Visit Brendan Eisan at Fine Art America to see all of this thought provoking digital art.